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We are so proud of of our members for every step and every milestone reached, no matter how big or small.  We help our members set their fitness goals, and we will do everything we can to motivate and encourage them reach those goals. They work hard inside and outside the gym, and we are thrilled to share their victories!

Sharon Nagell

Brendan Connelly has been my personal trainer for over two years. When I was first introduced to Brendan, I explained to him that I lead a busy life, but realized that just because you define your life as “busy,” doesn’t mean you’re active and healthy.  I wanted to change my lifestyle; I wanted to become healthier, both physically and mentally.

   Brendan assessed my fitness level, and developed a fitness program that included various physical activities (cardio, strength, flexibility and balance), solid nutrition, and better options for handling my stress.

   I’ve named this fitness quest I’ve been on my “journey,” and Brendan has accompanied me every step of the way!  He’s kept track of my progress, taught me about the benefits of good nutrition, and the importance of regular exercise.  He listens when I don’t understand or if I have a question (he’s an excellent listener), he encourages me to do more than I ever thought possible (he’ll say “come on – you’ve got this!”), and when I fail he’s supportive and reassuring. He’s even checked in between sessions to make sure all is well, and always welcomes a call if something is needed.

   When I first started training with Brendan, I had high blood pressure and was taking medication to control it, I was overweight, and couldn’t jog half a mile without becoming winded.  Today I am no longer on blood pressure medication, I’ve lost those extra pounds (35 to be exact), and on November 24, 2016 I ran my first 5k. He encouraged me to never give up, keep reaching for those goals, and not be afraid to set new ones.
   Brendan’s approach is professional, and personal.  His intelligent and thoughtful insight allows him to provide a plan that works best for his clients on an individual basis.  He genuinely cares about people; who they are, what they need, and always has their best interest in mind.

  Brendan goes above and beyond the description of a personal trainer; I am fortunate that he has been mine.



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